My journey as writer, artist and mother has turned me into an alchemist of life. The alchemist of life knows the power for change lies with oneself. Through my writings and jewelry I offer this knowledge to those who wish to claim it.

My work as jewelry artist is a collaboration with Mother Earth and dedicated to blending the forces of nature into jewels of both beauty and power. Through an alchemical process these jewels become powerful sacred allies for those who hear their calling and come to claim them. Each jewel of power is created for a specific guardian. Each jewel is imbued with the highest and purest intention to bring its guardian support, assistance and insights on their journey as human and soul.

Elena Era


Jewels of Power made by Elena Era
Jewelry for Women
Meaningful Handmade Jewelry for Women who wish to be aligned with their Sacred Self and live authentically
Jewelry for Men
Meaningful handmade jewelry for men who wish to experience their full potential and align with their Sacred Self

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Jewely Artist

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Return to innocence

Dear fellow traveler,

At some point I needed to divert from my schedule and help a mother whose child had to undergo a major surgery. That meant for me to spend many […]

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