The Horn of Plenty holds the limitlessness of the Cosmos.

Open yourself to the abundance.

Abundance comes in our lives in many forms.

Is not limited by matter.

It is not money or goodies.

Abundance follows the Spirit like a beloved pet.

You are a Spirit in a human form.

And you invite Abundance to stay with you forever.

Every time you give extra time to listen to someone who is in trouble,

every time you give some money to buy something for someone or for an animal in need,

every time you put your needs aside to give priority to someone else’s needs,

every time you choose to experience a simple life, focusing only to the things that matter.

And the Cosmos reminds you that in many ways.

With something that you read, you hear or with a Jewel.

Open yourself to a little Cosmic Experience and live a life in abundance.

Open yourself to the Cosmic Cornucopia jewels.

As above, so below.


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