Show me the jewel in the photo

Iaso is one of the five Greek Goddesses of Healing and one of the daughters of Asclepius, the Father and Spirit of Medicine.

Cradle your Iaso necklace between your hands and offer your reverence and appreciation for the light it holds. Allow yourself to trust this light. Healing means embracing the needs of the physical body. Healing means embracing emotional ups and downs without being consumed by them. Healing means allowing the lower mind to do its work without being dominated by it. Through all these human experiences you are fully aware of yourself as a Limitless Being beyond the restrictions of time and space. Your ally Iaso Goddess of Healing assists you to bring this awareness and the light of consciousness into each cell of your physical body, so you may live the human experience in its perfect and appropriate expression. Consciousness changes physics. Consciousness transmutes diseases and imbalances in the body. An ailment is a gift that opens a doorway to the liberation brought by awareness of your Divine Self. Open yourself to the guidance of the Universe. Appreciate your body, your mind, your human emotions in the knowing that you are beyond the body, beyond all confinements of the mind, beyond matter itself. You are the Universe manifested in matter through your human presence on Earth.