This is the Awakening Series in Greek… first and second book are under translation to English. Here are more details about each book.

Empower Yourself – 52 Inspirations for Short Meditations

1st Step: I learn to trust Spirit

Weekly food for thought to focus on specific aspects of your life and plant a seed of positive energy in your heart to create wellbeing and draw love, beauty, serenity and beautiful moments into your experience.

Abundance, the wallet of the Universe

2nd Step: I learn that abundance is everywhere

Learn how you can create and attract abundance into all aspects of your life by implementing some very simple steps. This will assist you to expand your consciousness and connect with the limitlessness of the Universe.

Know What You are Not: Personality

3rd Step: I learn to understand my personality

Discover how your personality influences your choices and keeps you like a hostage tied to the illusions of the world. Discover how to allow your inner knowing of the unity of the Universe and humanity to emerge.

Know What You are Not: Ego

4th step: I learn to unmask my ego

Take the fourth step and see how the ego hides behind the most subtle aspects of your life. Learn ways to distinguish it from the personality and move beyond perceived limitations that prevent you from feeling and expressing unconditional love.

Five Steps to Break Free From the Matrix

5th step: I learn what it takes to break free from my mental illusion

Discover how soundly you are asleep in the bed of the illusion matrix and how manipulation rules your life. Learn what you need to do to break free and awaken yourself completely.

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