Bear Spirit fills you with strength when life presents you with challenges.

Hold the pendant in your hand and feel its weight and shape.

Focus on the flow of your breath.

Silently invite Bear to come into your awareness.

Feel its presence merge with you.

Feel yourself become one with its wisdom and strength.

Bear stands with you so you may stand tall and firm in your truth.

Bear strengthens your innate knowing of the path and charges forward with you.

In your role as guide for others, Bear offers mental clarity and connection with your higher mind so you can convey the right words in the right time.

Bear also reminds you of the importance of resting and nourishing of yourself, especially if your life as a leader keeps you very busy.

In the cave of the quiet moment, you keep counsel with your spiritual world and reconnect with your life source.

Embrace the wisdom of Bear Spirit and it will facilitate the development of your capabilities beyond what you have believed possible.

Bear liberates you from everything that has been holding you back.


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