Bee Spirit enables you to achieve the seemingly impossible by strengthening your will and teaching you the wisdom of the hive.

Hold the necklace in your hand and feel its weight and shape.

Focus on the flow of your breath. Silently invite Bee to come into your awareness.

Open yourself and merge with Bee.

Feel yourself receiving her gifts and becoming one with the wisdom of the hive.

Through Bee Spirit you understand that life is both honey and sting.

Life is about cycles, about ebb and flow.

Bee teaches you how to dance under the sun, how to collect pollen and nectars and work with determination towards your goals.

Take charge of your life, Bee tells you.

You matter, your choices matter.

Your well-being matters to the well-being of Earth, much like every single little honey bee matters to the hive’s well-being.

You carry the Bee wisdom into your wider community, so the world can be a better place for everyone.

Bee Spirit transforms you into a Miracle Worker of Earth who will honor and deliver their sacred mission.


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