A Miracle Worker of Earth

Bee Spirit enables you to achieve the seemingly impossible by strengthening your will and teaching you the wisdom of the hive.

Hold the necklace in your hand and feel its weight and shape.

Focus on the flow of your breath. Silently invite Bee […]

Wisdom and strength

Bear Spirit fills you with strength when life presents you with challenges.

Hold the pendant in your hand and feel its weight and shape.

Focus on the flow of your breath.

Silently invite Bear to come into your awareness.

Feel its presence merge with […]

The high vibes of the Universe

When you wear your Cosmic Ally, you feel the high vibes of the Universe.

It brings peace and balance to your mind and your heart.

You enter to your sacred space and connect with Mother Earth and Spirit.

Your Cosmic Ally activates your […]

The gifts of love

Cosmos bestowed upon mankind the gifts of love, beauty and procreation.

Allow your breath to soften.

Your awareness turns inwards.

A bright golden ray of light connects her heart with yours and activate your gifts.

ll judgment and sorrow fall away.

You’re filled with appreciation […]

The silvery path of the Moon

The Moon Goddess Selene invites you to join the silver path of the Moon that transforms your body and soul.

She leads you through a silvery landscape to a place where the Moon meets the Earth and become one.

There she invites […]

Walking with our ancestors

Our ancestors are with us every moment.

As we walk, they are walking with us.

As we breathe, they are breathing with us.

Our heartbeat is their heartbeat.

Our mission is to take this connection and make it evolve as we evolve.

Our ancestors are […]

Healing is happening now

We are proud of our scars.

They say, “time heals all wounds”.

But it’s not true.

Only when you realize your true Self you can heal everything in your life.

Consciousness heals… not time.

In fact, when you become aware of the Spirit you are, […]

Glorious challenges

We are here to deal with whatever comes in our path.

All we need is to ask for strength to go through our challenges.

Challenges make us grow.

Challenges purify our soul.

Challenges will help us overcome imprints that we carry for so many […]

You are Love

We are all looking for the love in our lives.

Through a partner, our children, our friends, our family.

We love to be loved and give back love.

But there is a kind of love that doesn’t walk on this Earth as any […]

Resist nothing

Human experience is amazing, unpredictable and holds both sweet and bitter fruits.

But we also need some time to look deep in our soul and see that we all are one, almighty Spirit.

We need someone to remind this to us in […]

The perfect Christmas

Christmas is a time of the year when we experience beautiful moments.

Even if you think that you lack some things – like a relationship or abundance – remember that Spirit lacks nothing.

It is what it is. And you are the […]

Ancient Wisdom

When I create the Woodland Spirit necklaces, I travel into the ancient forests where the trees have their own voice and they whisper to those who can listen.

Through the Woodland Spirit, we remember our roots and what binds us with […]