You are not alone.

You never are.

Cosmic Allies are here for those who are ready to awaken.

They are all around us and take many forms to reach us.

They may reach out to you in a dream.

They may reach out with words you “happen to” to see or think.

They may reach out to you through advice from a friend or stranger.

And sometimes they take the form of a jewel.

They assist your inner and outer journey.

They assist your way of seeing, perceiving and feeling.

If we change the way we see the world, the world changes.

If we transcend our emotions, we rise beyond limitations.

It’s a very personal journey, though it may turn into teamwork.

It’s a journey on an inner path each of us walks as we progress to new levels of consciousness.

At this current stage of awakening, a wide variety of Cosmic Allies join to support us.

There is a special Cosmic Ally for everyone.

There is a special Cosmic Ally for you.

It might even be more than one, depending on what you are focused right now.

It took the form of a beautiful, handmade jewel that you can take everywhere.

The jewel was made with the highest intention to bring you all the support you need.

And you are its Guardian.


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