Elena’s Crystal Whispering

The energy of the blue-green jewel that is our Earth is shifting rapidly and semi precious stones like crystals, pearls and corals are revealing new powers and healing properties. Please be aware they are living souls just like yourself, so to be honoured, appreciated and respected as any other living creature.

All semi precious stones and crystals embedded in ElenaEraJewelry™ have agreed to work with you under the guidance of Mother Earth and Spirit. Please click on the name of the one you are interested in to learn more about how it can assist you.

With love from Athens,
Elena the Crystal Whisperer

… soon more semi precious stones …


Agate clears imbalances from my energy centers and assists the free flow of Divine Energy through my physical and energetic self. Agate also acts as protective shield when I open myself up to commune with Spirit, for example in meditation or healing work, or when I simply wish to be with the All That Is. Agate watches over me like a guardian angel so I may walk and expand safely during my journey on Earth.

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Amazonite is the revealer of truth. It supports me to express and live my truth in that way that is perfect for me. It may appear challenging to be truly myself. Yet Mother Earth, through Amazonite gives me strength and confidence to be who I am. I’m able to perceive and understand my thoughts and feelings from a higher perspective. I’m able to express my truth with appropriate action and words. Even with a simple smile or silence I’m able to express my truth and who I am.

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Amber is my bridge to the history of Mother Earth and connects me with all beings across the planet. Amber is connected with the Akashik Records, the great living library hold all stories ever told of all souls that ever lived and will live. Through Amber, I have a better understanding of imprints in my energy field and how to release past experiences that no longer serve me. Amber also assists me in opening up to my multidimensional nature and draw energy from my other aspects that exists in other dimensions beyond the physical realm. I harmonise with all aspects of myself, in tune with the Cosmic Rhythm and the Rhythm of Mother Earth and stand tall in the beauty of my present expression as human being.

Purple Amethyst brings a sense of peace and balance to my mind and heart. When I wish to enter my sacred space and meditate, Amethyst assists me to connect with Mother Earth and Spirit. Amethyst activates the source of my inner wisdom and encourages a state a effortless ease. In this state, I clearly perceive the limitlessness of my abilities and gifts to create something powerful and beautiful, in alignment with Mother Earth and Spirit. Amethyst is the gentle hand of Mother Earth which allows everything to fall into place perfectly.

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Aquamarine assists me in letting go of that which doesn’t serve me any longer (for example belief systems, thoughts, judgments, feelings, memories) and make space for expansion. Through Aquamarine, Mother Earth facilitates my rebirth. The blue energy of Aquamarine opens up new paths for my shiny new self to reach new horizons. I may have a sense of trepidation as I experience the change but Aquamarine softens my concerns and transmutes them into excitement and joy. Aquamarine encourages me to move beyond my safe zone to explore and enjoy life and take risks. As beautiful as my safe zone may have been, it was only a temporary haven. Now it’s time to grow and expand.

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Aventurine is like a refreshing healing energy shower for my physical, emotional and mental body. Through Aventurine, Mother Earth sendings invigorating vibrations through my body that help to dissolve tensions and blockages I may hold within. Aventurine helps me to make changes where appropriate in order to facilitate the effortless flow of wellbeing and ease in all aspects of my life. Aventurine takes me to my center, my sacred place, where I connect with the limitless abundance of the Universe. Without any expectations, I let Spirit guide me and Mother Earth nurture me. I have everything that I need, always.

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Azurite reveals to me the mysteries of life and connects me with Spirit. When I meditate on Azurite or simply touch it, my unique connection with Mother Earth and the All That Is is revealed to me. I become the cosmic connector who goes through life led by the highest truth and guided by the Universe. With the support of Azurite I deploy the talents, gifts and experiences made available to me. In doing so, I come into complete wholeness and serve the wholeness of the planet. Azurite helps me to assimilate information and is an excellent ally when I wish to study or learn something new.

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Carnelian keeps negative thought forms and emotions in check. I become an observer of my own mind and discern clearly between thoughts that serve me and those that are unhelpful. A discerning mind allows me to I anchor myself in the present moment and see the blessings in every situation. Everything happens for a reason and I trust the unfolding of my journey. The Universe looks after me and my highest good, though I may not consciously grasp the plan laid out for me. I focus on opening my heart to joy and positive energies. Love and wellbeing are present in all aspects of my life. Every day is like a blank canvas that I paint with the colours of my heart’s desire. Carnelian is my guide to happiness!

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Chalcedony stimulates my communication with others and the inspiration that I draw from my Higher Self. All human souls currently in body on the earthly plane are connected to one another including the souls of departed loved ones. Chalcedony assists me to feel them and communicate with them consciously. Through conscious contact a union beyond the limits of the human senses can be experienced. Chalcedony also connects me to the voices of every stone, plant and animal. They all have something to tell me. Even the elements of Earth, earth, water, fire and air, have a voice, as do the Cosmic beings such as the planets in our solar system. They freely share their stories and wisdom with me through the mystical language of Earth as long as I request it with love and respect. Communication from the heart has no limits. Through Chalcedony, Mother Earth encourages me to express my creativity using the talents that are given to me. Everything I do is important, as simple as it may seem to be. Chalcedony helps me develop my gifts further so I may enjoy the human journey of my soul.

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Citrine seems to fall over my shoulders like a soft golden hue that cleanses and purifies my energy field. As I touch the Citrine in my jewel, I close my eyes and allow it to take me on a healing journey. Citrine guides me to a clearing in a forest where I spread out my arms to receive a soft welcoming hug from Mother Earth. A gentle golden mist falls over me that fills me with the pure light of Spirit. My chakras are aligned and spin in perfect harmony while fatigue, stress or any other heaviness upon body, mind and heart simply fall away. I see the golden mist running down my body, cleansing me from all my troubles and taking them into the ground where the Great Mother transmutes them into light. I breathe freely and feel the radiance in every cell of my whole being.

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Coral is my sacred connection with the element of water and the oceanic aspect of nature which is a whole universe in itself. When I touch Coral and meditate, my consciousness expands and reaches into this hidden watery world of Mother Earth filled with mystery and deep quiet. I feel calmness wash over me and a sense of rejuvenation permeating the waters in my cells. Whatever remnants from past experiences have kept me from accepting or giving love – the energy of Coral washes over them and dissolves them. I open my most vulnerable hidden self to accept and receive love. Serenity becomes the sea of my life. In the watery dimension, the cycle of life never ceases, it flows forever with tranquility and peace. In the same way, Coral supports the cycles of my human life. No matter which experiences I’m going through, with Coral as my ally I hold an even level of peace and tranquility. My life as human and soul becomes a cosmic dance and I move forward with ease, clarity and steadfastness.

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Dendrite (Moss Agate) connects me to the vibrant network of trees and forests, especially those in the mountains. Holding Dendrite in my hand is like taking a deep breath while out and about in nature. Dendrite acts as a bridge and brings the beneficial energy of pure moutainous forests of Mother Earth right to my heart. When I cannot be in nature, I touch my Dendrite crystal and feel the fresh air of the forests and mountains enveloping me. I’m uplifted and reinvigorated as if I was just taking a stroll in a forest. My heart and mind are at peace as I feel my strong connection with Mother Earth.

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Garnet enhances love, prosperity, success and abundance in my life. It supports the expression of my passion and the flourishing of my creations. Garnet also stimulates my physical energy and gives me a boost when I feel tired, yet need to work. When my heart is open for love, Garnet becomes an ally that helps to draw love into my life. It may be love from myself or from Spirit, from a mate, a friend or Mother Earth. All I have to do is ask for it, Spirit will always respond. Patience is key to allow synchronicity to unfold and bring the parts together.

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Green Quartz is the ultimate transmutation ally in the awakening of my consciousness. The awakening of my consciousness means consciously recognizing within the Limitless Being that I am in every moment of every day, regardless of external ongoings. It means conscious embodiment of my Sacred Self at all times. Green Quartz transmutes the mental chatter created by the lower mind and brings clarity to my journey and expansion. As I allow the higher mind to speak and lead, the need to fix things in my life dissipates. I exist as limitless consciousness. All that is experienced by the physical, mental and emotional body, is simply that – an experience. Life becomes a perfection of simplicity just the way it is. When consciousness awakens, scars and imprints carried by the soul are transmuted dissolved by luminosity of the Great Central Sun. Green Quartz assists me to take the first step towards this awakening, reminding me to embrace with grace whatever comes my way. No need to judge the events of my life. “Thank you” is my sole answer to all of them.

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Hematite is like an anchor that grounds and balance me so I may focus on a certain direction or matter of importance. There may be a need to focus on one topic or one project at a time rather than to exhaust myself by talking multiple tasks at once. Through Hematite, Mother Earth helps me concentrate and focus with plentiful energy to manifest the life of my dreams. I learn to be patient as the Universe makes sure that my work unfolds in perfect alignment with cosmic synchronicity. Hematite strengthens my determination and focus so I may persevere, even if an envisaged outcome or result takes a while to manifest. I work toward my goals enjoying the present moment of creation, leaving timing and whatever is beyond my control to the Spirit. The journey is key. I learn how to detach from expected outcomes and simply focus on enjoying the ride.

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When I connect with the energy of Howlite, I awaken the hidden mysteries embedded in my soul. Howlite encourages me to embrace the wisdom of my unlimited potential and to connect with the All that Is. As I turn towards my divine nature, my attachments to the human way of life begin to disintegrate and I can release them in the appropriate moment. Howlite supports me when I wish to let go situations or relationships that limit and burden me by causing expectations or feelings like resentment, anger, sorrow. Howlite instills deep calm within me through the process of letting go, so my soul can embark its new journey. I realize that present time is the time of the Universe where all magic unfolds in this very moment. I learn to live in harmony with everything that happens around me and to trust my inner, divine guidance.

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Iolite activates my inner vision and reawakens the shaman within me. The wisdom of my ancestors flows into my conscious awareness and illuminates how I perceive myself and the world around me. I see myself mirrored in every human, animal, plant and mineral. I see myself embedded in the visible and invisible landscape of Earth. My heart beats in tune with the heart of the Great Mother. My cells vibrate in harmony with the cells of all her children. She nourishes, strengthens and encourages me so I may express who I am and create the life that I desire. Through Iolite, Mother Earth activates my line of communication with Spirit. I receive new ideas and see their unfolding as manifestations. I have the power and energy to bring them into existence. I manifest by following my heart and the voice of Spirit – they always know the way.


Jasper is the healer of old wounds that originate in this or previous life times. The soul carries its own energy imprints and some may carry over into further life times. As soon I become aware of, they begin to dissipate and heal. They all have something to teach me and through Jasper Mother Earth helps me to embrace their the valuable lessons they hold. Even oaths taken to protect myself are released with the assistance of Jasper. Jasper transforms me into a Shaman of Earth with my wounds being transmuted into jewels of wisdom and consciousness. Healing may not mean that imprints dissipate completely. But instead of blocking me, they become stepping stones on my journey so I may embrace my life to the fullest and surrender to the Great Mother. I become one with the soil beneath my feet, with the trees and the sky and with every living being. I become one with all elements of nature. I become one with the All That Is.

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Labradorite supports me during big changes in my life and when I wish to explore new horizons. Worries about being successful or how the change will unfold may cause me to hesitate. Yet despite my concerns my heart calls me to move forward and beyond what no longer serves me. Through Labradorite, the gentle energy of Mother Earth supports me as I choose a new path and explore new experiences and adventures. All possible with the help of Labradorite, all I ever dreamed of but didn’t dare to choose. Life is a journey with many twists and changes to allow the evolution of my soul. Nothing can grow inside my safe zone beyond a certain level, no matter how beautiful it is inside. I learn to have confidence in myself, in Spirit and in Mother Nature that they will take care of me in the best way possible. It is time to let go and take flight on the wings of my soul!

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Moonstone embodies the Divine Feminine and balances male and female energies within me. It teaches me how to express my higher purpose in my life. Moonstone nourishes within me a sense of self-confidence, compassion and serenity. When I wear my HealingEarthCreation jewel with the Moonstone, I see how the synchronicities in my life occur just perfectly, like pieces of a puzzle falling into place without effort. Answers come in almost magical ways. Through Moonstone, Mother Earth adds a new subtle frequency to my energy field. It transforms my consciousness and leads to a deeper level of awakening.

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Obsidian is a powerful crystal for protection and grounding. Obsidian’s force field shields me from external negative thought forms and allows me go about my work with integrity while being among other people. When I touch Obsidian embedded in my HealingEarthCreation jewel, it dissolves any negative energy I may have accumulated within or that I may be holding on to. Also, in times of mourning or loss Obsidian helps to transmute the sorrow and go through it with awareness, without being lost in my emotions.

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Olivine (Peridot) is the hearth of Mother Earth and works with me to strengthen my spiritual gifts and how to see the world through the pure eyes of the heart. Olivine clears my energy field and my line of communication with Spirit so may expand my consciousness and adopt the higher perspective on all mattes. Olivine is my ally in all healing work, whether I’m offering client sessions or simply follow my path in the world. Even when I’m in a crowded place, Olivine touches the hearts of the people around me, much like a scent that permeates the room with its pure intentions. There may be times when my mind may struggle to accept what is beyond the perception of the five senses. Yet the beautiful green energy of Olivine calms the mind and dissolves the veils of doubt so I can see the blessings in every situation. Even in the most difficult moments there are beauty, joy and hope and also valuable lessons. Through the eyes of the heart all matters and situations reveal their true meaning. Olivine reminds me of my limitless abilities.

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Pearl assists me to activate and strengthen the female energy within me. The Divine Masculine has ruled the planet for a long time and created much imbalance and distortion as a result. Now the time has come for the Divine Feminine to return in its full glory, taking its rightful place alongside the Divine Masculine. Mother Earth is in the process of balancing the distortions and releasing all that serves no more.

Pearl is the symbol of the feminine wisdom. It has the power to soothe old wounds and assist my soul in dissolving the fabric that ties me to the past. The wisdom of Pearl shows me the path of least resistance where change follows upon change without effort and each step is in resonance with the ways of Earth. Set free in this way, I reside in the present moment and the present moment only. Here is where the stillness lies. Here is my sacred space of beingness. Here I balance myself and through my own wellbeing all the beloved children of the Great Mother come into harmony with Earth and Spirit.

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Pyrite is my personal energy ally that charges my field so I may be vibrant and full of energy throughout the day. As I touch the Pyrite embedded in my jewel for a few moments a wave of energy surges through me and charges every cell in my body and the layers in my energy field. Pyrite also prevents intrusion or attachment by energy vampires and protects me from harmful vibration of a place or crowd of people.

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Rhodochrosite assists me in turning my gaze inwards and becoming aware of the deep love I have for my Sacred Self. Sometimes I may struggle to love myself unconditionally. I may compare myself to others or ponder what it would be like to be someone else. Through Rhodochrosite, the gentle all encompassing love of Mother Earth helps me to witness the luminosity of my Sacred Self – that pure light that I am. With Rhodochrosite as my ally, I allow this luminosity to expand and envelop my human self, revealing all my grace and gifts that may have been hidden before, so they may come into their fullness like a garden with the most delicious flowers. The illumination of consciousness reveals only exquisite beauty, anything less is judgement coming the limitations of the mind. As I acknowledge and appreciate my own beauty and gifts, I learn to witness and appreciate them in other people as well. Everyone carries something beautiful and unique and my awareness assists others in discovering they own luminosity.

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Rhodonite is the gemstone of nobility, release and forgiveness. Travelling towards new horizons requires to pack light. Heavy emotions like anger, resentment or fear have the effect of a burden on my shoulders and slow down my journey. As I release the heavy burden I become aware of a surge of strength, well-being and limitlessness. I realize how much of my energy was tied up in holding on to these restrictive energies. It’s so much easier to let them go. Through Rhodonite, Mother Earth nudges me to embrace life without taking things personally, such as challenges on my journey or the behavior of other people. I am an expression of unconditional love, born from the union of Mother Earth and Spirit. Everything that has come into existence, has come from love – even darkness, so that light could prevail.

Rock Crystal is one of the most powerful healing crystals, suitable for all types of healing. Through Rock Crystal Mother Earth gently touches me and stimulates healing where it is needed the most, even if I’m not consciously aware of it. Rock Crystal helps me to harmonize with my environment and neutralizes negative energies, so I’m in balance not matter where I am. Rock Crystal assists my alignment with the All That Is. I know I’m never alone. I’m in the arms of the Universe and all my needs are taken care of with my highest good and wellbeing in mind.

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Rose Crystal embodies unconditional love and divine connection with Spirit. Love expressed in its purest form transcends the ego of the human personality. Through Rose Crystal, Mother Earth soothes my emotions and re-calibrates my energy field with the vibration of love. When I become love, the Universe responds and I attract love in many forms into my life. When the hearts of people come together with sincerity and pure intent, Rose Crystal strengthens their bond. That may be the bond between intimate partners, between friends or between family members. If there is misunderstanding, disagreement or conflict present, Rose Crystal soothes and dissipates its edges and invites the flow of love to restore balance and wellbeing. Through Rose Crystal, Mother Earth encourages me to always follow my heart and to surrender to Spirit’s guidance so my life may express my higher truth. While the mind learns to settle and support the choices of the heart, the heart follows the inner sense of direction in trust of its divine guidance.

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Ruby Crystal reunites me with the child within. I may have been afraid to pay attention to my inner child because I’m worried what others may say or because the child has unheard sorrows, desires and fears. Through Ruby Crystal, Mother Earth embraces the child, reassures it and encourages it to express itself. The child is heard and seen and loved with all its sorrows, desires and fears. Ruby Crystal dissolves all fear and insecurities and makes space for the inner child to be itself and to develop its gifts free of external limitations. I am connected with the magic of the world and the wisdom of the Universe.

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Ruby Zoisite (Anyiolite) is my ally in learning the greatest lesson of all: Unconditional love. Mother Earth forged this bicolored crystal in ruby red and emerald green from a harmonious union of Ruby and Zoisite. Ruby represents the energies of love, appreciation and passion while Zoisite represents the energies of stability, expansion and growth. Together they assist the opening of my heart center to witness myself and the world around me through the heart. I learn to see myself in every human, animal, plant and mineral. All is an aspect of my own being. I realize that we are each made from the same sacred substance. All differences are external and serve our growth and expansion. Ruby Zoisite enhances my senses and sharpens my seeing beyond the world of matter. As my gaze deepens and my consciousness opens, I see the world through the eyes of the heart. Love calms tensions and softens all polarisation, so humanity may move towards acceptance, respect and appreciation.

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Smoky Crystal brings clarity to my mental process, so I can clearly see my choices before me. Each day there are many different decisions to be made and paths to be followed. Trough my ally Smoky Crystal, Mother Earth illuminates the choice that is most beneficial for my journey. Smoky Crystal also strengthens my ability to learn and assimilate knowledge and supports my writing. I can communicate clearly and express my thoughts and feelings in a coherent and simple way.

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Sodalite is the gemstone of clairvoyance, truth and the deeper understanding of the secrets of Mother Earth and the Universe. It is ideal for writers, teachers and students and indeed all who wish to study the mysteries of life and how to see the world through the state of the infinite observer. Sodalite facilitates clarity when I’m in meditation. In a healing session, Sodalite translates the energy of the client into information. Through Sodalite, Mother Earth allows me to dive into her mysteries when my intention is pure and respectful. In the awareness that I am a spiritual being on a human journey I bring the truth of the Great Mother to my path. Sodalite is a source of inexhaustible energy that helps me to stretch my mind, to ponder and reflect with ease and grace. With Sodalite I discover my sacred self and live with authenticity, transcending my ego.

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Tiger Eye soothes my anxiety and assists me to push my boundaries. Tiger Eye nudges me to take action and walk right through my fears, rather than to sit passively intimidated by my limitations. It brings clarity to my decisions-taking so I choose what is for my highest good and allow easier flow in my life. My energy field is like a sea sponge; it sends and receives energy just like the sponge absorbs and expels water. Through Tiger Eye, the gentle hand of Mother Earth clears my field from imbalances and assists my well-being. When I’m in balance, I can merge with the most courageous aspect of my being and deal comfortably with the challenges of life. Self confidence, courage and power strengthen my determination. As I master my journey, I harness valuable lessons. Even if I manifest something of unexpected demanding proportions I trust the guidance of Spirit and Mother Earth and that everything will be taken care of in the best way possible. Tiger Eye teaches me to be flexible in my life and have the wisdom to see when to act, when not to act, when to speak, when to keep silence and when to still. Everything unfolds as it should.

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Topaz is a guiding light on my path. Through Topaz, Mother Earth makes sure that I don’t get lost. What are my goals? What do I wish to focus on? How can I create an enjoyable comfortable human experience? Like a candle in the dark, Topaz illuminates my intention and its trajectory, drawing in the energies of the Universe that weave the synchronicities. As all creations have their own timeline, Topaz teaches me two key virtues – will and patience. One thing is certain: From the moment my soul chooses to bring into existence something that it loves and cares for deeply, my path is altered towards a new direction. Where pure intention is in action, the Universe always responds. Along my path, I receive the blessings of Mother Earth, both as gracious gifts and valuable lessons. I know that through my wishes and goals my soul continues to evolve. With Topaz my focus is clear.

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Tourmaline is my steadfast ally through the dark night of the soul. Sorrow, sadness and other heavy emotions are temporary and part of the human experience. Through Tourmaline, Mother Earth reminds me that there is always a higher perspective and that many things are not what they seem to be. When I feel disappointed, stressed, impatient or without zest for life, Tourmaline pulls aside the fog that covers the mind and reminds me of the beauty of Earth and the Universe. Tourmaline holds the space for me until I’m ready to step into acceptance and find my way back to joy and unconditional love. What once was perceived as a dead end is transmuted as I reach a higher state of awareness. I trust the guidance of my Higher Self. Everything is as it should be.

Turquoise assists me in all forms of communication. As human consciousness evolves, communication with fellow humans is of special importance. It is of the utmost essence to always communicate from a place of love and to follow the voice my heart and of Spirit. Through Turquoise, Mother Earth guides me to share my time and energy and serve when and where appropriate. It may involve assisting a dear friend or joining hands with a team that helps people in need. Sometimes I’m so focused on my own spiritual journey and the connection with my Higher Self that I may become a little to detached from the rest of the world. Turquoise reminds me that being of service to humanity is an integral part of my human and soul journey. Unconditional service is part of my human experience. Through offering my service I bring more joy and love to my own life. The more I give, the more abundance I bring into my own life.

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Unakite is a multidimensional gemstone and assists me in becoming aware of the multi-layered aspects of my life as human and soul. Unakite strengthens the bonds of love and rebalances the relationships that may be troubling me. For an expecting mother, Unakite strengthens the bond with the child and supports the development of a deeply loving and harmonious relationship. For someone who wishes to balance an existing relationship, Unakite facilitates understanding of differences and the finding of a harmonious frequency that allows the coming together beyond previous boundaries. Through Unakite, human limitations are transcending and souls come close together, no matter what keeps them apart. It also teaches me about the mirror presented to me by people around me – for each person I encounter is a reflection of an aspect of myself. What may I need to work on within myself? What is that I can’t see? How can I balance light and shadow within me? Which of my talents I have yet to discover? Unakite illuminates – through other people – my multidimensional self, so my vision becomes expanded and my awareness fine-tuned.

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Zircon holds me to the highest standard: to be always authentic and true to myself even when distracted by daily needs, chores and responsibilities. Like a shining star, Zircon reminds me that life is much more than a simple completion of the work that I have to do, of my family obligations or anything else that keeps me occupied. Through Zircon, Mother Earth helps me to settle my mind and pay attention to the Universe and to Spirit, the source of all creation. I remember that I am a part of the Universal consciousness embodied as human being and the true nature of the world is revealed to me. When I touch Zircon embedded in my HealingEarthCreation jewel, my inner focus is centred on my sacred self. Life becomes a theatre play with changing roles and seasons. No matter how distracted I may become by playing these changing roles I remember to be authentic. Even simple daily mundanities such as cleaning the house or preparing food take on a new meaning when I remain authentic and embody my sacred self.

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