My Mission

My journey as artist, writer and mother has turned me into an alchemist of life. The alchemist of life knows the power for change lies with oneself. Through my jewelry and writings I offer this knowledge to others.

My work as jewelry artist is a collaboration with Mother Earth and the Cosmos. It is dedicated to blending the forces of Nature and of the Cosmos into beautiful and powerful jewels. A jewel emerging from this alchemical process becomes a sacred, Cosmic Ally for the one who hears its calling and comes forward to claim it.

Each jewel is a little cosmic experience and created for a specific guardian. It is imbued with the highest intention to bring its guardian support, assistance and insights on their journey as human and soul.

My Crystal Work

Each jewel is a Cosmic Ally that has a life of its own including its very own specific purpose: to support you, to work with you and to activate the crystals embedded in your heart.

Be a Miracle Worker of Life.
Be a Peace Maker on Earth.
Be Authentic.

Each jewel has its own dedicated meditation (the Sacred Journey of the Jewel) which you are invited to undertake and to expand in your own personal way.

I invite you to browse my jewelry collection and find the jewel that resonates with you. It will reflect your authentic self, assist you on your journey as soul and human and strengthen your sacred connection with Mother Earth.

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Jewels with Journeys

Each jewelry composition is unique, its creation entirely Spirit-led to carry a specific energy that may assist you in your life if you so choose.

Each jewel is a little cosmic experience to assist You or a friend on your journey as human and as soul.

Simply activate your jewel by undertaking the Sacred Journey of the Jewel. Your personal relationship with your Elena Era’s Jewelry will continue to build and develop as you both continue the journey together.


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