elena era

Before being born into this current incarnation, my soul agreed to experience the whole package of human experience including the whole range of joy and challenges.

I was born in Athens, in the sacred land of Greece, where the golden sun meets the deep blue of her seas, as second child to a family of four children. My father was an accountant turned businessman with a successful chain of shops and supermarkets while my mother looked after the household. He sold the business eventually to return to his roots as farmer. He bought a small plot of land just outside of Athens, grew vegetables and kept chicken.

From my childhood days I remember the summers at my father’s birthplace, a remote mountain area high up on Andros island, a jewel somewhere in the blue Aegean sea. We used to climb on trees, make sweets from mud and explore nature. Often I would climb all by myself to the top of the mountain and sing out loud breathing in as much air as could fit into my lungs. Later, as a teenager I spent the summer holidays with my grandmother on Corfu island, the birthplace of my mother. I recall her little house outside the capital city, filled with my grandmother’s smell, the safe space for writing and the bed sheets with small roses.

At a young age I discovered my gift for painting, writing and creating things with whatever material I had in my hands. I took up pen and paper at the age of 12 years with various short stories and poems. It was like a warming up period before I got into the great work of my life, Ezerstenia, which I started writing at the age of 14. A magical window opened inside of me which captivated me completely. Writing was the only thing I was interested in. I would sit at my little desk at night in the company of a lamp and some background music and write into my notebooks. When it was time to join my grandmother on Corfu for the holidays, my suitcase was filled with my typewriter – a gift from my father – lots of papers and notes but very few clothes.

Ezerstenia was with me for 22 years through every challenge of my life. Ezerstenia was with me when I got married, when I got divorced and when one day I found myself alone with 3 little kids, without a job, with no money, no goals and a broken heart. At that point depression set in. For two years I lived like a plant, eating in front of the TV and mechanically raising my children. I was not completely along: My mother was there to help but her judgement of my situation made me feel unworthy and guilty. By contrast my father looked after me like a gentle angel. He was the kindest man I have ever known.

But my soul did not like at all how things were going. So one fine day I felt drawn to follow an inner calling that change my life completely. You see, when you move beyond your safe zone, whatever you need on your new journey, it comes and finds you. I taught myself how to create silver jewelry and how to set up an online shop to sell it. I learned how to build websites.

Both my online jewelry shop and my website building business flourished. Before long I developed some serious health issues. My hormone system started to collapse showing a variety of symptoms. I was desperate to find out why my body created so many diseases. That was when I discovered energy healing. Alongside seeking medical help, I embarked on a personal journey to understand myself and hear what my body was telling me. I consciously opened up to the depth of my soul and felt all its wounds for the first time. Over three years I studied healing techniques and applied what I learned to my own body and also my family. Eventually I put my jewelry business aside and set up an energy healing practice developing my own healing system.

Today I live with my beloved mate while raising my children with the help of my mother. Alongside my healing practice I completed Ezerstenia while my partner translated it into into English. Once Ezerstenia was published, I wrote a series of self-help books called “the Awakening series” tied in with the spiritual wisdom embedded in Ezerstenia. The series includes five books so far, the first two “52 Quotes of Empowerment for Short Meditations” and “Abundance, the Wallet of the Universe” are translated in English. A sequel to Ezerstenia is in the works as well. Recently I picked up creating jewelry again under a new shop concept called “HealingEarthCreations™“.

The economic crisis and capital controls in Greece are a daily challenge for me. I had to sell my car to pay for taxes that are insane for every self-employed. The daily responsibilities of life here become more and more expensive and hard to manage. I don’t know if tomorrow I will have my business or money to pay for my electricity or internet. Everywhere in Greece there is great uncertainty. That said, this is the gift of free choice and it happens everywhere. I don’t focus on that. I live in the present moment. I’ve learned to see life’s blessings in every situation and focus on my creativity and gratitude.

At that point I want to say a big “thank you” to all the teachers of my life.

● First of all, I want to say thank you for the Challenges of Life. I’m grateful to life because it forced me to learn to surrender to what is. Life forced me to face up my stress and anxiety, to detach from venturing into the future or into the past and to live in the present moment only.

● I’m grateful to my mother, another big teacher, because she taught me to be independent and transform my talents into an occupation. I thank my mother because she reflected my fears, my low confidence, the excessive humility, my insecurity and the absence of limits. She is the big mirror of my life. I thank her with all my heart.

● I’m thankful to every book I’ve read. They taught and inspired me while I was working and raising my children. They taught me to understand how ego behaves, the nature of desires, to see life from a higher perspective, how to surrender to the present moment and so much more.

● I’m thankful for my older son because he taught me unconditional love and to accept the fact that every mind sees the world differently.

● I’m thankful for my ex-husband because he taught me how to forget and forgive.

● I’m thankful for my mate because he taught me how to walk along, to accept our differences and that each one is a complete individual.

● I’m thankful for my guru, Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj, because from the time I read his book “I Am That”, he is always beside me, guiding and reminding me the true nature of myself and things.

● I’m thankful for my brother because his sudden passing was a great opportunity to test if the foundation I had developed within myself over the past 3 years was strong enough for me to stand on. And it is.

I continue to learn from life and from my teachers. I continue to be mindful of my ego’s wants and worries.

And I feel gratitude for my grandmother and my father for the beautiful co-operation that we have as they stand beside me on the other side of the veil.

From Athens with love,



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