Emotional storms

Dear fellow traveler,

There are times in our lives where we feel a burden in our hearts and a bad feeling pressing down on our chest. Often times this is caused by a challenge that we face or we just feel like this with no apparent reason or we pick something up from the collective unconsciousness or from our parallel selves.

Emotional storms

This is what I call “emotional storm” because it comes and goes with no reason whatsoever. Most of the times we try to push it away by covering it with other activities. And that’s when the ego complains by saying, “I don’t feel well.” When the body hears something like that, it amplifies it and creates a more serious bodily ailment.

Emotional storm is what it is and we don’t need to identify with the captions set be the ego. The ego will try to find the cause of the emotional storm and our imagination will run wild into supposed scenarios or our mind will submerge into the drama of the past.

Let the emotional storm go by and just observe it. Don’t try to push it away, analyze or comment it. When you feel it, don’t rush into decisions and don’t change anything. If the ego presents ideas about it in your mind, just observe them. When you experience Presence, you are detached from anything that happens to your body (physical body, emotions, mind) and you just observe, feeling serenity and bliss.

Human experience is full if challenges, either internal or external. Emotional storm is an internal challenge that happens all the time.

Have Presence and remember that this too shall pass.

With love,

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