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A sequel to Ezerstenia is in the works…

You have incarnated on the Game Board of free will, a Game board full of challenges and battles. This book will provide you with a sword and it will invite you to leave behind the safety of the hill, on which other people just sit and watch. I’m asking you to come and fight side by side with me. You are not the only one who faces fear and loneliness. When you fall down and are injured, I will stand there by your side, just as many more people will do, to reach out and help you… if you let us.

There three very distinct characteristics in this battle. You can’t die, you can always give up and if you give up, you can always return to the safety of the audience, still watching from the hill. We will train you, and besides the basic moves, which we will show you, you have to discover how you are going to fight against the forces that keep you from your goals.

In the beginning, you may constantly become injured, until you learn to balance and use the sword, become used to its weight. Learn to wield it with skill and speed. It rises three feet higher than your head; are you able to seize it and learn to use it. You will have to get used to its weight, it is your free will. In time, you will learn to anticipate the enemy’s moves and it will become easier for you to intercept him. None of us just woke up one day, knowing how to fight. Some stood beside us to remind us that we can do it, or we were fortunate enough to have read this fighting manual that explained the basic moves. Some others invited us to take part in the fight and stood by our side, just as I invite you to do now.

Some went into battle because they didn’t have anything better to do and had hit dead ends. Some did it in order to protect something precious to them and some because they could show the way to the others. Whatever motivation drives us, we are all part of the Game of Free Will, bringing – everyone with their own weapons, and place, on the Game Board – our own Heaven on this side of the veil.

The story of Ezerstenia, is one of the ways that can teach you how you can stand-up for what you believe in and learn to fight for it.

Elena Era

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