Do you offer a discount?

Yes, for orders over 100€, you can get a 25% discount coupon if you sign up to my newsletter list.

How much is the shipping cost?

It is 9.5€ for all over the world. But I offer FREE shipping with tracking number for all the orders above 99€.

What materials do you use to create your jewelry?

I’m using anything the Earth provides me with. This includes high quality semi precious stones, handmade zamak metal elements and ceramic beads sourced in Greece where I live, soft vegan leather cord, pewter elements (all nickel free). I combine all of them with polymer clay.

Polymer clay is a material that must be baked in order to harden. How does this procedure affect the crystals?

The crystals I use come from deep within the Earth and were formed under tremendous pressure and heat, so the baking process does not affect them.

Do you offer custom-made jewelry upon request?

I’m afraid I don’t offer custom-made jewelry upon request in a traditional sense and here is why: Each jewelry creation is unique and already custom-made for its future human guardian. When I create, I follow my inner guidance and connect with Earth and the Cosmos. As I connect and work with the crystals, the clay and the other materials, I merge with their energies and meditate. My jewelry is the result of this sacred connection. The truth is: The request is initiated by the crystals, rather than a human. So I invite you to have a look around my sanctuary and allow the jewel that was made for you to draw you in.

Do you ship internationally?

Yes, my jewelry creations travel to customers all over the world. I offer FREE global shipping with mail tracking service for all orders.

How should I care for my jewelry?

The semi-precious stones embedded in your jewel are of natural origin. That means their color and their texture may change over time. Remember that they grow and evolve together with you.

The following practical suggestions will help to keep your jewel in the best condition for years to come:

• Always store your jewel separately from your other jewelry
• Take off your jewel before swimming, showering or doing housework
• Avoid cleaning your jewel with water or chemicals
• Avoid direct contact with sweat, perfumes, heat, hairsprays or any other cosmetics
• Avoid to wear your jewel underneath clothing. The jewel needs to breathe. Also the fabric may wear off the protective varnish.

How do you send orders to clients?

For a safe journey to your home your jewel is carefully packaged and shipped with FREE global mail tracking service for orders over 99€. Your jewel is wrapped with soft fabric and placed into a one of a kind gift box designed by Elena Era. Inside the box you will find a little extra goodie alongside the Sacred Journey of the Jewel and instructions about how to care for your jewel. The box can be used to store your jewel or serve as gift box if your purchase is intended for someone else.

Do I have to register first in order to make a purchase?

No, you can make a purchase as guest.

How I can be notified about new jewelry creations?

I invite you to visit my website frequently or sign up here to receive my Elena Era’s Love Letter.

Which payments do you accept?

I accept payments by Credit Card or through PayPal.

Credit card payments are encrypted and processed under the protection of Alpha Bank. None of your information is stored on ElenaEra.com and I never share any confidential information with third party sellers. All credit card transactions are processed and verified securely through Alpha Bank only.

Do you offer return and refund?

Yes, with certain requirements. Please read the terms and conditions here.

Do you offer wholesale purchases?

Yes, please contact me here for terms and conditions.

Do you offer gift packaging?

Your jewel purchase is beautifully wrapped with soft fabric and placed into a unique gift box designed by Elena Era. The box can be used to store your jewel or serve as gift box if your purchase is intended for someone else.