Elena speaks her truth

Little drops of cosmic wisdom to connect you with YOU

Whatever path we choose, we always embody the One Ultimate Being.

Trust is bigger than faith

Be with your Sacred Self from time to time.

Gratitude builds roads for positive experiences.

Through your love for what you like to do Cosmic Forces influence the entire Earth.

If someone owes you something, release it and move on.

You are the ever-present, unchanged, undistracted, unalterable Cosmic Observer of All That Is.

Everything is worthy of love.

Make your life a sacred ceremonial journey.

Feeling joyful for no reason is bliss.

Embark on a journey simply for the journey itself.

Peace comes with choosing the right action.

Surrender to your Soul’s guidance.

A drop of perfume can scent an entire room. You are never too small to make a change happen.

You are the light you are looking for.

Ease comes with balance at all times. No matter if there is joy or sorrow.

Solitude transcends the noise within and without.

Count 3 blessings every morning and you will start your day full of energy.