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Inner Silence

Silence is your natural state. You don’t have to stand to meditative position or stop doing things or be in a quite place. Silence is always there, inside you… you just don’t listen to it. When your senses internalize, you are filled with the silence of your very soul. When your senses externalize, you hear the noise of your mind and the world.

Silence has its own sound… it is called inspiration, as you only listen the Universe. There, in this space, your soul with all its magnificence is shining.

Silence is not the result of the absence of noise. You can be in a room full of noise or working hard but you are feeling calm and peaceful inside you. You can be in two worlds at the same time: the material world and the spiritual world.

And when you stay silent inside you, consciousness changes physics. It changes your life. From within. And it extends outside.

With Love,

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