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Jasper Meaning

Jasper Meaning

Jasper is the healer of old wounds that originate in this or previous life times. The soul carries its own energy imprints and some may carry over into further life times. As soon as you become aware of them, they begin to dissipate and heal. They all have something to teach you and through Jasper Mother Earth helps you to embrace the valuable lessons they hold. Even oaths taken to protect yourself are released with the assistance of Jasper. Jasper transforms you into a Shaman of Earth with your wounds being transmuted into jewels of wisdom and consciousness. Healing may not mean that imprints dissipate completely. But instead of blocking you, they become stepping stones on you journey so you may embrace your life to the fullest and surrender to the Great Mother. You become one with the soil beneath your feet, with the trees and the sky and with every living being. You become one with all elements of nature. You become one with All That Is.

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