My Journal

The Great Calling

The Elena-body has two selves: the first is the bold one, who stands in the front line and looking for trouble while the second one is quiet, soft spoken and lets the actions speak for [...]

Be a shiny beacon of light of the Universe

At this time, humanity experiences the culmination of the ego: All egos of the human bodies celebrate because they have managed to mess up the planet. The few control the many and the many are [...]

In a crazy world, just be

Don't get crazy. Don't take anything seriously. Your soul has come down here because your unfinished business called you. Planet Earth is a game board where all souls are tested in many ways. Nothing is [...]

Treat your fear to a cup of tea

I love this specific image of tea. It expresses a sacred, eternal moment where there is only you and the tea. This reminds me of an article that I have written in the past. Fear [...]

Does your partner challenge you considerably?

There is no ideal relationship. There is no "they lived happily ever after". There is no perfect partner. There is a relationship which challenges and evolves you every day. A partner has to encourage you, [...]

Carry on your Universal Orders

There are times where you simply feel that it is time to start doing something else or evolve differently from what you are doing right now. This feeling comes like a pop up, as I [...]

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