We are all looking for the love in our lives.

Through a partner, our children, our friends, our family.

We love to be loved and give back love.

But there is a kind of love that doesn’t walk on this Earth as any kind of form.

It does not take the form of a human or a pet or a flower.

It does not take the form of the sky or the sea.

This love is omnipresent.

It is the most powerful force in the Universe.

And if we stay still, we will focus our attention on this gap between our thoughts, where absolute silence lies.

This is where this Cosmic Love lies.

We are made of it.

Everything is made of it.

You are love.

Let your Cosmic Ally help you uncover it.

Let your Cosmic Ally remind you that you are Love on every single moment.


Find your own Cosmic Ally here