Lady Starlight

This is a poem collection, dedicated to the love between two souls… one is living on Ezerstenia and the other is living on Earth. Hopefully, one day my poems will be available in English as well.

Their love inspired me to create my jewelry line “Lady Starlight“.

The Sacred Journey of the Jewel:

The Lady Starlight pendant makes dreams come true. Whatever my pure heart seeks, it can be found. I hold my pendant, close my eyes and I take a deep breath. I ask: which relationship do I wish to bring into my life? Nothing is impossible for my Lady Starlight pendant. Her crystals weave magical pathways between worlds and hearts. In the silent Universe, a sacred union is formed. Hearts are coming together, no matter how far apart they may be. Infinite unconditional love illuminates the heart of the seeker. The dream is dreamed into being.

Lady Starlight Collection

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