Show me the jewel in the photo

The Moon Goddess Selene invites you to join the silver path of the Moon that transforms your body and soul.

She leads you through a silvery landscape to a place where the Moon meets the Earth and become one.

There she invites you to take a seat, right at the point of their sacred union.

You are bathed in rays of silver light.

Allow the silver rays to dissolve and transmute all that no longer serves you.

Let go of memories, sorrow, pain.

You are free to choose what you wish to keep. You are renewed and refreshed.

Your soul is transformed.

Your whole is filled with the joy of being.

You feel light as a feather.

With Selene by your side you embark on your new path in celebration of your exquisite self.

Let the Moon Goddess become your personal, powerful Cosmic Ally.