Wisdom of Mother Earth necklace with Tiger Eye, Citrine & Pearls

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The Sacred Journey of the Jewel

This necklace embodies the Wisdom of Mother Earth, the Giver of All Life. Hold the necklace in your hands and close your eyes. Take a deep breath and surrender to the present moment. Follow the ebb and flow of the breath and turn your gaze inwards. Feel the crystals in your necklace come to life and vibrate. You see a crystal gateway in your inner vision. As you focus on your breathing follow a crystal path deep into the core of Mother Earth. A sacred space opens up where all that was ever known and will ever be known is held. It is filled with a magnificent radiance that transcends the words of the human language. You are invited to step into a pool of liquid crystal light. Bathe in the pool and allow yourself to be cleansed and nourished. Feel how your whole being is receiving the Wisdom of Mother Earth. You are the wise Shaman of Mother Earth, the one who walks her path with purpose. You are the one who walks in beauty. You speak with awareness and tranquility. You are an agent of truth and integrity. You are in service to the Great Mother. As you retrace your steps back to your reality you carry her blessings. The crystals in your necklace will assist you with the integration of the wisdom received.
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