My Crystal Work

When I create jewelry, I move my whole being and consciousness into a sacred space. The work becomes meditation. Every aspect is sacred and precious. The tools, the material, the crystals, the room around me, even the air I breathe. Mother Earth speaks to me and guides me through a collaborative, alchemical process that blends the forces of nature and of the Cosmos. The outcome is a unique creation: A Jewel of Power, born from my Sacred Self in collaboration with the heart of Mother Earth and Cosmos.
Each jewel is a little cosmic experience that assist its owner to evolve on their journey as human and soul, supported by Mother Earth and the Cosmic forces.

Elena Era’s Jewelry is more than just jewelry. It is jewelry imbued with power. Each Jewel of Power is an ally that has a life of its own including its very own specific purpose: to support you, to work with you and to activate the crystals embedded in your heart.

Be a Miracle Worker of Life.
Be a Peace Maker on Earth.
Be Authentic.

Each creation of Elena Era’s Jewelry has its own dedicated meditation (the Sacred Journey of the Jewel) which you are invited to undertake and to expand in your own personal way.

I invite you to browse my jewelry collection and find the jewel that resonates with you. It will reflect your authentic self, assist you on your journey as soul and human and strengthen your sacred connection with Mother Earth.

I hope you find your very own Jewel for an exquisite cosmic experience!