When I make jewelry, I move my whole being and consciousness into a sacred space. The work becomes meditation. Every aspect is sacred and precious. The tools, the material, the crystals, the room around me, even the air I breathe. Mother Earth speaks to me and guides me through the creation process. The outcome is a unique jewel born from my inner sacred self and the heart of Mother Earth.

My vision for HealingEarthCreations™ is to empower people and assist them in realising the path of their highest potentials.

HealingEarthCreations™ are more than just jewelry. HealingEarthCreations™ reflect your authenticity and enhance your awareness of your sacred connection with Mother Earth.

Every single HealingEarthCreations™ has its own specific purpose: to work with you and activate the crystals embedded in your heart.

Be a miracle worker of life.
Be a peace maker on Earth.
Be authentic.

Each HealingEarthCreation™ has its own dedicated meditation which you’re invited to follow – and to expand in your own personal way.

From Athens with love,

White Goddess Necklace

White Goddess Necklace

I invite you to browse my current collection and find the jewel that resonates with you. It will reflect your authentic self, assist you on your journey as soul and human and strengthen your sacred connection with Mother Earth.

My collection consists of two parts, Jewelry for Women and Jewelry for Men.

– Meaningful Handmade Jewelry for Women who wish to be aligned with their Sacred Self and live authentically.

– Together with my husband Nick, we create Meaningful Handmade Jewelry for Men.


Meaningful Handmade Healing Jewelry by Elena Era
HealingEarthCreations™ is meaningful handmade healing jewelry composed of powerful gemstones embedded in exquisite pendants. Gemstones have their own soul and chosen purpose.
When their assistance is requested with respect and grace, they become powerful allies for our own journey as human and soul.
Elena selects the crystal for each HealingEarthCreation™ with the guidance of Mother Earth. Each jewelry composition is unique, its creation entirely Spirit-led to carry a specific energy that may assist you in your life if you so choose.
Simply activate your jewel by undertaking the Sacred Journey of the Jewel. Your personal relationship with your HealingEarthCreation™ will continue to build and develop as you both continue the journey together.

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