My Journal

Serve, Love, Give

Dear fellow-traveler, "Serve, Love, Give." These are the words of Swami Sivananda Saraswati where "Embodying the spirit of service to humanity, he inspired people to practice yoga and lead a divine life. (*)" Service to [...]

The dramatic death of the ego

Dear fellow-traveler, When I began to come into a deeper contact with my sacred self and experience ever more peace of mind in life, the ego had all kinds of reactions. I was observing it [...]

Even music changes

Dear fellow-traveler, One of the things that I have started to observe during my own awakening journey is my relationship with music. Just like most of us - those over forty years of age - [...]

Passion vs Tranquility

Dear fellow-traveler, As humans, we need a goal, a desire or a passion in order to move forward. Having a passion in our life, something that we love doing, we can endure many of the [...]

Every moment is a sacred moment

Dear fellow-traveler, When you have realized the game that your ego is playing, it is the time for awakening to take place. Imagine having a roommate 24/7 whom you cannot get rid of. Some days [...]

Be in Presence

Dear fellow-traveler, It is the nature of the mind to be preoccupied with expectations, desires, things we have to do or to wonder how it will cope with the challenges of life. The mind never [...]

Let the Universe express itself through you

Dear fellow-traveler, I believe that the biggest challenge that someone has to face here on Earth is expectations. All of us do certain things in order to have a specific outcome. At least for me [...]

Divine intervention

Dear fellow-traveler, Many times it happens in our lives to get disappointed because some things don't work or because we try to achieve something but we don't see it come into fruition. It is in [...]

The seeds of the soul

Dear fellow-traveler, I will take you back a few years, when I was 20 years old and I, my family and my grandmother went to Jerusalem to make a pilgrimage in the Holy Land. I [...]

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