Goddess of the Sacred Rose with Rhodonite & Rhodochrosite.

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The Sacred Journey of the Jewel

Hold your jewel gently in your hands, close your eyes. Take a deep breath and surrender to the Goddess of the Sacred Rose. Before your inner vision, a garden full of blossoming fragrant roses reveals itself. It is the rose garden of your soul. Take a look around. Every rose has its own scent, color and shape. Each rose holds an experience your soul has gathered on its human journey. Some roses are big and in full bloom, some are about to open their petals. Some roses are in decay, their petals fading yet their scent is stronger than ever. Some roses have already dropped their petals and formed rose hips. Some roses are supported by a smooth stem, others are covered in thorns. There are wild roses growing freely and untrimmed are side by side with roses that are beautifully shaped and arranged. Some roses are shining with health and beauty, others are struggling for lack of nourishment, light or care. Each and every one of the is precious and worthy resident in your rose garden.
As you walk around and mediate between your roses, they reveal the events of your life. What is it that has been so fulfilling and nourishing? What do you miss so dearly but had forgotten about? What is it you cannot forgive or release? Which strings tie you to the past and prevent you from moving forward?  The Goddess of the Sacred Rose merges with you. Together you tend to the rose garden of your soul. You remove decay, bring light into the shadow and infuse the roses with new life. As balance is restored in the garden, so the experiences of your soul become simply that – experiences that allow you to grow as human and soul. You are a Being of Light who lives with authenticity and awareness in the present moment. You welcome life as it is, with all its joy and all its challenges. No more judgment. Nothing was ever meant to be carried as a heavy burden. You know from here onwards your steps will be lighter, almost like a dance.
As you give thanks to the Goddess of the Sacred Rose, you know she and you will continue to care for your soul garden while you go forth to gather more roses.
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