Rhodochrosite assists you in turning your gaze inwards and becoming aware of the deep love you have for your Sacred Self. Sometimes you may struggle to love yourself unconditionally. You may compare yourself to others or ponder what it would be like to be someone else. Through Rhodochrosite, the gentle all encompassing love of Mother Earth helps you to witness the luminosity of your Sacred Self – that pure light that you are. With Rhodochrosite as your ally, allow this luminosity to expand and envelop your human self, revealing all your grace and gifts that may have been hidden before, so they may come into their fullness like a garden with the most delicious flowers. The illumination of consciousness reveals only exquisite beauty, anything less is judgement coming the limitations of the mind. As you acknowledge and appreciate your own beauty and gifts, learn to witness and appreciate them in other people as well. Everyone carries something beautiful and unique and your awareness assists others in discovering they own luminosity.


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