Serpent Spirit with Ruby Zoisite & Topaz

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The Sacred Journey of the Jewel

Serpent Spirit is your guide to restoring balance within, between your feminine and masculine aspects, and balance without in your life. Sit or lie down in a quiet space and hold your jewel in your hand or place it on your chest. Take a couple of deep breathes to settle yourself, then allow the breathe to deepen. As you breathe, turn your gaze inwards and focus your inner vision on the Serpent Spirit jewel. Using your will, breath and imagination silently offer your appreciation to the Serpent Spirit and feel it flow into the jewel. Holding the focus, you see how the jewel begins to radiate and grow. See 2 serpents arise from the jewel. Together they are the Serpent Spirit. One is masculine, one is feminine and they are in perfect balance with one another. They invite you to ride on their back, one foot on each. Together you travel across a landscape across the highest mountains and through the deepest oceans. You arrive in a hidden valley with a spring from which purest silvery water flows. Ask for permission to drink from the spring. As you drink you feel within yourself the dissolution of old thought forms and believes. See them shatter and drop from your body like old scales. When you are ready invite Serpent Spirit to merge with you. Feel both snakes become one within you. Feel yourself coming into an exquisite balance. Feel the river of life run through you in its full force, yet there is a sense of total calm and ease. When the merging is complete give thanks to the sacred spring and rise to travel back to your starting point in the landscape. You now fully embody and balance your feminine and masculine aspects. You know who you are. Nothing and none can throw you off course. As within so without: Your new state of total bal

Elena’s Crystal Whisp

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