Treasure Gift GODDESS Box with Pure Crystals of Citrine, Blue & Strawberry Crystal

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What Blue Crystal tells you:

Blue Crystal is a wonderful child of Mother Earth that joins your life so you may bring your awareness to higher mind and expand your consciousness to gain a holistic perspective of All That Is and occurs. Blue Crystal encourages your trust in Spirit and in the Divine Plan. In the presence of the Blue Crystal you innately know when to act in any given situation and when to stand back. The higher mind brings clarity to every step you take. Through the higher mind you remember that you are the Universe embodied as human being to further creation. Blue Crystal reminds not to get entangled with daily drama but to see the beauty in all that occurs from the perspective of the higher mind. Blessings and grace can be found in all situations and places, no matter how the human mind may judge them. Light and shadow exist side by side. All of creation holds gifts of beauty and learning.

What Citrine tells you:

Citrine seems to fall over your shoulders like a soft golden hue that cleanses and purifies your energy field. As you touch the Citrine in your jewel, close your eyes and allow it to take you on a healing journey. Citrine guides you to a clearing in a forest where you spread out your arms to receive a soft welcoming hug from Mother Earth. A gentle golden mist falls over you that fills you with the pure light of Spirit. Your chakras are aligned and spin in perfect harmony while fatigue, stress or any other heaviness upon body, mind and heart simply fall away. See the golden mist running down your body, cleansing you from all your troubles and taking them into the ground where the Great Mother transmutes them into light. Breathe freely and feel the radiance in every cell of your whole being.

What Strawberry Crystal tells you:

Strawberry Crystal fills your energy field with the vibrations of Universal love, understanding of your purpose and discernment to make use of the opportunities in life in a playful, yet focused way. With the understanding that love itself sets the rhythm of life, imbuing everything you undertake with love becomes the primary goal. Whatever your role may be at this point on your journey as human and soul on Earth, you shall play it from a point of all encompassing love – for yourself and the world around you. Whether as mother, wife, employee, politician, teacher, doctor, accountant… not matter what you do: you choose to do it with love. As your purpose on Earth is love, you walk and breathe in tune with a Universal flow that runs through all of creation. This Universal flow shapes your path. All the opportunities required for you to move forward and to evolve as a human and soul are placed right before your feet.

Treasure Gift SET Box Jewelry Materials

  • Pure Crystal of yellow Citrine, Blue Crystal & Strawberry Crystal.
  • Handmade Polymer Clay Element
  • Greek Handmade Rose Gold Brass Metal
  • Greek Handmade Brass Filigree Ornament
  • High qualith nylon cord
  • Necklace & Earrings dimensions: please see the photos.
  • Necklace & Bracelet: It can be adjusted according to your preferences so you can wear it long or short.

Packaging and Shipping

  • ElenaEraJewelry are carefully packaged and shipped with mail tracking service.
  • For a safe journey to its new home your jewel is wrapped in soft fabric and placed into a beautiful, One of a Kind Gift Box, made from recycled paper.
  • Inside the box you will find a little something extra and a small scroll with the Sacred Journey of the Jewel and further information.
  • The box and the wrapping can be used as storage for when you wish to put the jewel away.