Treasure Gift SET Box with Pure Crystal of Tiger Eye

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What Tiger Eye tells you:

Tiger Eye soothes your anxiety and assists you to push your boundaries. Tiger Eye nudges you to take action and walk right through your fears, rather than to sit passively intimidated by your limitations. It brings clarity to your decisions-taking so you choose what is for your highest good and allow easier flow in your life. Your energy field is like a sea sponge; it sends and receives energy just like the sponge absorbs and expels water. Through Tiger Eye, the gentle hand of Mother Earth clears your field from imbalances and assists your well-being. When you are in balance, you can merge with the most courageous aspect of your being and deal comfortably with the challenges of life. Self confidence, courage and power strengthen your determination. As you master your journey, you harness valuable lessons. Even if you manifest something of unexpected demanding proportions you trust the guidance of Spirit and Mother Earth and that everything will be taken care of in the best way possible. Tiger Eye teaches you to be flexible in your life and have the wisdom to see when to act, when not to act, when to speak, when to keep silence and when to still. Everything unfolds as it should.

Treasure Gift SET Box Jewelry Materials

  • Pure Crystal of Tiger Eye
  • Greek Handmade Ceramic Beads
  • Greek Glass Beads
  • Handmade Polymer Clay Element
  • Greek Handmade Rose Gold Brass Metal
  • High Quality Nylon Cord
  • Pendant / Bracelet / Earrings dimensions: please see the photo.
  • Cord length: It can be adjusted according to your preferences so you can wear it long or short.

Packaging and Shipping

  • ElenaEraJewelry are carefully packaged and shipped with mail tracking service.
  • For a safe journey to its new home your jewel is wrapped in soft fabric and placed into a beautiful, One of a Kind Gift Box, made from recycled paper.
  • Inside the box you will find a little something extra and a small scroll with the Sacred Journey of the Jewel and further information.
  • The box and the wrapping can be used as storage for when you wish to put the jewel away.