The set shown in the photo are my original design and handmade by myself. Further sets may show slight variations in the Crystal’s colors. Mother nature never repeats herself…
If you wish to order more than one set of the same design please contact me here.

3 beautiful bracelets with powerful Crystals alongside with Mother Earth and Cosmic qualities to uplift your Spirit and Soul

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The Cosmic Bracelets carry the Earth and the Cosmic qualities through their embedded, powerful crystals. All Crystals are alive and have souls. As they touch your skin, they touch your own soul and uplift your Spirit to guide you toward the highest good. They fill your every cell, balancing your body, mind and soul. Everything that troubles you goes away, all obstacles dissolve. Your soul feels weightless and full of love for all of creation, for whatever came into existence. With each breath, you feel a deep connection with the beautiful blue-green jewel of the Universe, our Mother Earth. With each breath, you feel a deep connection with the galaxies, the newborn stars and the comets that bring life material in distant planets. Nourishing light emanates from your hand that wears the bracelet and spreads all over the globe. May light shine forth across all the Universe.

About the Bracelets

  • Embedded crystals: Pure green Aventurine, transparent Rock Crystal, white Pearls
  • High quality beige nylon cord
  • Adjustable length: Simply cut the cord to the required length, tie a knot at the end and use a lighter to seal it by slightly burning the tip (please see the instruction images).
  • Handmade rose gold Zamak metal elements and unique glass seed beads sourced from Greece

Elena’s Crystal Whispering

Click here to find out more about the crystals embedded in your Earrings

Packaging and Shipping

  • For a safe journey to your home your jewel is carefully packaged and shipped with FREE global mail tracking service
  • Your jewel is wrapped with soft fabric and placed into a one of a kind gift box designed by Elena Era
  • Inside the box you will find a little extra goodie alongside the Sacred Journey of the Jewel and instructions about how to care for your jewel
  • The box can be used to store your jewel or serve as gift box if your purchase is intended for someone else