Angel of Divine Light with Sodalite


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The Angel of Divine Light is an embodiment of highest purest light that has taken angelic form to assist those who wish to awaken their consciousness. Gently hold your jewel in your hands and focus on your breathing. Feel how your body softens as you focus on the ebb and flow of your breath. Allow your eyes to close and turn your gaze inwards. Invite the Angel of Divine Light into your awareness. Notice what occurs. The Angel of Divine Light may represent itself as energy, as a shape, as a feeling or a simple knowing. Be patient. You are stretching your awareness. It’s like stretching a muscle you have not used in a long time. Allow the Angel to reveal itself in the way that is perfect for you. Notice the radiance and well-being it brings. Bask in its frequency and allow yourself to align with it, so you are in perfect resonance. Now instruct the Angel to become your guardian and ally, so you may walk your path with clarity and purpose. When we are born into the human experience a veil of forgetfulness shields us from remembering where we came from: From Pure Divine Light. Through the process of awakening our consciousness we remember and become whole again. The Angel of Divine Light brings you the gift of this remembering and assists you to transcend the fears and doubts of the human existence. With your angelic ally by your side, you grow and thrive in all areas of your life. As your consciousness awakens and takes the lead, you come to understand that your human presence truly is the great school of the soul.

Elena’s Crystal Whispering

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About the Jewel

  • Handcrafted necklace made from special combination of clay and crystals with aged patina finish
  • Pendant height: around 8,0 cm / 3.14″
  • Embedded crystals: Pure red Carnelian
  • High quality cord with adjustable length

Packaging and Shipping

  • For a safe journey to your home your jewel is carefully packaged in a unique collector gift box.
  • The box can be used to store your jewel or serve as gift box if your purchase is intended for someone else
  • Shipping cost: 9,50€ | FREE shipping with tracking number for orders over 99€
  • 25% OFF discount coupon to use for a purchase of 99€ or more
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What Clients Say about my Jewels

I really love my new Bear Spirit and it’s wonderful crafted. It is so unique! I had fallen in love with it on the picture and it is even more beautiful in real life. It is Magic! Thank you for the lovely contact and the fast shipment! – Cindy, US

A well made necklace, stunning to look at and feeling peaceful to wear. It helps me keep my stress away as my Goddess reminds me to focus on my sacred self. Her energy influences my energy in the most positive way. Thank you Elena for bringing it to life! Danielle, US

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