Mushroom Spirit with Howlite

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Mushroom Spirit is your guide to the Realm of Nature Magic, a woodland between the worlds where the little people, the fairies, mighty tree elders and other magical creatures reside. Sit or lie down in a quiet space and hold your jewel in your hand or place it on your chest. Take a a couple of deep breathes to settle yourself, then allow the breathe to deepen. As you breathe, turn your gaze inwards and focus your inner vision on the Mushroom Spirit jewel. Silently offer your appreciation and feel it flow into the jewel. Holding the focus, you see how the jewel begins to radiate and grow, taking the shape of a gateway. From within the gateway the Mushroom Spirit comes forth to greet you. It takes you by the hand. Together you step through the gate and into the Nature Realm of Magic. See yourself walking barefoot on a soft mossy path. All around you is the most exquisite woodland you have ever seen. Ancient trees elders greet you as you walk past. Faeries, little people and magical creatures of all shapes and sizes welcome you in their circle. Mushroom Spirit now asks you to gaze into a wooden bowl filled with water. The water becomes a mirror and shows you a clear vision yourself. Place your illusions, dramas and misconceptions into the mirror. See them dissolve into nothingness. Place old habits, fears and sorrow into the mirror. See them dissolve into nothingness. Place the spells that have held you back into the mirror. See them dissolve into nothingness. When the water is clear again, the work is done. Give your thanks to the woodland beings and your Mushroom Spirit. It will guide you back to the gateway. You emerge from this sacred journey transformed and rebirthed as a sovereign being. Your walk your path of life in alignment with your magical self and your ally Mushroom Spirit by your side.

Elena’s Crystal Whispering

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About the Jewel

  • Handcrafted necklace made from special combination of clay and crystals with aged patina finish
  • Pendant height: around 6,5 cm / 2.55″
  • Embedded crystals: Pure white Howlite
  • High quality cord with adjustable length

Packaging and Shipping

  • For a safe journey to your home your jewel is carefully packaged and shipped with FREE global mail tracking service
  • Your jewel is wrapped with soft fabric and placed into a one of a kind gift box designed by Elena Era
  • Inside the box you will find a little extra goodie alongside the Sacred Journey of the Jewel and instructions about how to care for your jewel
  • The box can be used to store your jewel or serve as gift box if your purchase is intended for someone else