Fairy of the Forest Pendant with pure Amethyst Crystal


The Sacred Journey of the Jewel

The Fairy of the Forest Pendant holds the sacred healing wisdom of the fey who are the elemental children of Mother Earth and part of the nature kingdom. Holding my pendant, I close my eyes. I breathe gently into my heart and allow the crystals in the pendant to open the gateway to the realm of the fays. I see myself being barefoot, walking on a forest path embedded in fragrant flowers. The moss under my feet feels cool and soft. The forest is somehow illuminated by shimmering small lights. Between branches and under fallen leaves I catch glimpses of joyful faerie faces. They are delighted that I’ve come here. The Fairies surround me in joyful playfulness, some flying, some dancing. They cover me in most delicious sparkling faerie dust. I feel as if I’m walking under golden rain! My body takes in every tiny grain of fairy dust. My cells pulsate with a new sense of well-being. My anxiety is dissolved, replaced by joy and ease. All strain and stress is dissolved. My mind is full of clarity. I feel calm and serene. The pedant’s crystals also absorb the faerie dust and will assist me in holding the connection. Every time I touch the pendant, I become the faerie who thrives in all aspects of her life, with joyful heart, with loving thoughts and feelings of appreciation. Thank you Mother Earth for sending your elemental children to take care of your human child.

Elena’s Crystal Whispering

Find out more about the crystals embedded in your Earth Pendant in Elena’s Crystal Whispering

The Practical Stuff

  • ElenaEraJewelry™ are carefully packaged and shipped with mail tracking service. For a safe journey to its new home your jewel is wrapped in soft fabric and placed into a beautiful gift box made from recycled paper. Inside the box you will find a small scroll with the Sacred Journey of the Jewel and further information. The box and the wrapping can be used as storage for when you wish to put the jewel away.
  • Handcrafted jewelry made from a special combination of clay, selected natural semi-precious stones and high quality nylon cord.
  • In the pendant there is a pure purple Amethyst Crystal.
  • Necklace length (cord): It can be adjusted according to your preferences so you can wear it long or short.
  • Pendant size: Please see photos.
Jewels of Power made by Elena Era
ElenaEraJewelry™ is meaningful handmade jewelry composed of powerful gemstones embedded in exquisite pendants. Gemstones have their own soul and chosen purpose. When their assistance is requested with respect and grace, they become powerful allies for our own journey as human and soul. Elena selects the crystal for each piece of ElenaEraJewelry™ with the guidance of Mother Earth. Each jewelry composition is unique, its creation entirely Spirit-led to carry a specific energy that may assist you in your life if you so choose. Simply activate your jewel by undertaking the Sacred Journey of the Jewel. Your personal relationship with your ElenaEraJewelry™ will continue to build and develop as you both continue the journey together.

Purple Fairy Jewelry

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