Twin Goddesses necklace with Aquamarine & Labradorite

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Hold the necklace of Twin Goddesses between your hands with love and reverence. Their mirrored, entwined beauty stirs something deep within you. They embody a truth held within you own cells: Each of us is but a reflection of the world around us, that we have created and which is entwined with us. If this outer world is in balance, so balance must be with in our inner world – and vice versa.

Allow your eyes to close as you focus on your breathing. Feel the Twin Goddesses awaken in your hands. Their radiant smiles illuminate your heart. The Twin Goddesses sing to you about the heartbeat of Mother Earth and the vibration of the Cosmos. Both are in perfect harmony and balance with one another. Each is a reflection of the other, yet they both are unique in their own right. With the guidance of the Twin Goddesses you anchor this balance in your heart and in all your creations along your journey as human and as soul. The train of busy thoughts comes to a halt. Your mind is soothed and becalmed as it resonates with the song of the Universe. From within you feel a mighty feeling well up: The feeling of unconditional love that permeates all aspects of our life. Whether it’s an ordinary task like washing the dishes or an act of kindness for someone else, whether you prepare your food or carry out your professional work – each of these tasks is undertaken with unconditional love. The Twin Goddesses assist you to hold and integrate this high vibrational frequency. The resonance transforms your mind, your body and heart. Soon each step you take as a human is guided by your soul consciousness. You are a Being of Light walking on Earth.

Elena’s Crystal Whispering

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About the Jewel

  • Handcrafted necklace made from special combination of clay and crystals
  • Pendant height: around 8,0 cm / 3.14″
  • Embedded crystals: Pure yellow green Prehnite and white Pearl.
  • High quality cord with adjustable length

Packaging and Shipping

  • For a safe journey to your home your jewel is carefully packaged and shipped with FREE global mail tracking service
  • Your jewel is wrapped with soft fabric and placed into a one of a kind gift box designed by Elena Era
  • Inside the box you will find a little extra goodie alongside the Sacred Journey of the Jewel and instructions about how to care for your jewel
  • The box can be used to store your jewel or serve as gift box if your purchase is intended for someone else
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