Hestia, Goddess of Tranquility

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Hestia, Goddess of Tranquility Necklace with Sunstone & Carnelian

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The Sacred Journey of the Jewel

The Greek Goddess Hestia brings to you the tranquility of Home and takes you to the point of your soul’s origin.
Hold your sacred necklace in your hands, closing your eyes and taking a gentle breath. With each breath you feel yourself soften and relax, turning your vision inwards. Through the crystals in your hand, you feel connected with the Universe, the Absolute, the All That Is, with Source. This is where you came from, these are your origins, your Home. You are a conscious being walking on Earth. You are Spirit embodied as human. Everything in your life is related to the collective being of which Mother Earth is a vital part. The necklace’s crystals activated within you the light of your soul’s Home so you are connected to Source at all times. You give your permission to your crystals to work with you and assist living a conscious life, spreading positive energy, acting with love and walking in grace. May you always remember who you truly am: you are Light, you are Spirit having a human experience.

Elena’s Crystal Whispering

Find out more about the crystals embedded in your Pendant in Elena’s Crystal Whispering

About the Jewel

  • Handcrafted necklace made from a special combination of clay.
  • Soft vegan leather cord.
  • Pure Crystals of colorful orange Sunstone & red Carnelian.
  • Greek handmade ceramic beads.
  • Greek handmade zamak metallic elements.
  • Pendant height: around 9.8 cm / 3.85″.
  • Necklace length: It can be adjusted according to your preferences so you can wear it long or short.

Packaging and Shipping

  • ElenaEraJewelry are carefully packaged and shipped with mail tracking service.
  • For a safe journey to its new home your jewel is wrapped in soft fabric and placed into a beautiful, One of a Kind Gift Box, made from recycled paper.
  • Inside the box you will find a little something extra and a small scroll with the Sacred Journey of the Jewel and further information.
  • The box and the wrapping can be used as storage for when you wish to put the jewel away.
One of a Kind Gift Boxes



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