Turtle Spirit

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Turtle Spirit Necklace with Labradorite, Unakite & Pearls

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The Sacred Journey of the Jewel

Turtle Spirit gently walks into your life and says One step at a time. With Turtle Spirit you embrace the here and now exactly as it presents itself. Turtle is your ally as you adapt to every situation and take steps inline with your authentic self, at peace with yourself and the process. The path that leads from the birth of an idea to the realization of a goal is a valuable route for the soul to learn and grow amid lessons and blessings. Turtle Spirit also says Home is where your heart lives. Turtle teaches you to live your truth with clarity of mind and peace in your heart when you honour your choices. Turtle helps you to release the burden you carry on your shoulders. When the noise of the world seems to suffocate you, turtle guides you to shift your awareness to look within so you can recharge yourself in your inner sanctuary and carry its peace to the outside world. Be at peace in the knowing that wherever you are, whatever you are doing, Mother Earth – the true home of your heart – are taking care of you.

Elena’s Crystal Whispering

Find out more about the crystals embedded in your Necklace in Elena’s Crystal Whispering

About the Jewel

  • Handcrafted necklace made from a special combination of clay.
  • Soft vegan leather cord.
  • Pure Crystals of blue fire Labradorite, salmon-green Unakite & pink Pearls.
  • Greek handmade ceramic beads.
  • Greek handmade zamak metalic elements.
  • Necklace’s Pendant height: around 9.0 cm / 3.54″.
  • Necklace length: It can be adjusted according to your preferences so you can wear it long or short.

Packaging and Shipping

  • ElenaEraJewelry are carefully packaged and shipped with mail tracking service.
  • For a safe journey to its new home your jewel is wrapped in soft fabric and placed into a beautiful, One of a Kind Gift Box, made from recycled paper.
  • Inside the box you will find a little something extra and a small scroll with the Sacred Journey of the Jewel and further information.
  • The box and the wrapping can be used as storage for when you wish to put the jewel away.

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