We are here to deal with whatever comes in our path.

All we need is to ask for strength to go through our challenges.

Challenges make us grow.

Challenges purify our soul.

Challenges will help us overcome imprints that we carry for so many lifetimes.

Ask for strength; do not avoid your challenges.

Ask from a Cosmic Ally to stay beside you and help you find the infinite source of power inside you.

You are stronger than you think.

And your next challenge will prove this to you.

Challenge could be a loss, economical problems or anger or to face your persistent thoughts that tell you that you are not good enough and you won’t make it.

Our Cosmic friends are beside us to reflect us our glory.

The Cosmos is a neighborhood of infinite possibilities where we can ask help from.

Like you go to your next door neighbor to ask fo rsugar because you are in the middle of the process to bake a cake.

Choose your personal, Cosmic Ally to help you.


Find your own Cosmic Ally here