The dramatic death of the ego

Dear fellow-traveler,

When I began to come into a deeper contact with my sacred self and experience ever more peace of mind in life, the ego had all kinds of reactions. I was observing it as it was trying to distract me and create noise in the mind.

When someone starts to awaken, the rhythms of life change and everything becomes much simpler. You don’t need many things in order to satisfy your needs and the only thing that you want is a very simpler environment around you… at least for your personal space. You talk less, your movements become slower but full of Presence and your body is full of energy.

death of the ego

When I started having Presence in a large part of the day, this helped me simplify my space, my clothes, give or throw away things that I didn’t need and be very specific about my personal belongings. I threw away even a number of souvenirs because the ego has an obsession with the past and it remembers people or events that existed long ago.

Seeing the ego doing all these things, my mind was full of thoughts like, “I feel that my time has come to leave” thus, I was doing the necessary arrangements. In my mind, the ego was projecting numerous scenarios of drama and emotion as it was saying goodbye mentally to the world and my loved ones. The ego does not like changes and when it does not understand them it panics and does everything in its power to keep you inside the matrix.

In truth, what dies is the ego and it is aware of that fact. When you take away from it objects that remind it of one thing or another, you are taking away countless opportunities for drama. When you simplify your life you are taking away from the ego the opportunity to buy this or that. You are depriving the ego of the desire. Ego does not like the simple human but a human that consumes and seeks happiness in the material world.

Eckhart Tolle said that the ego is like a separate entity inside us. This entity has its own opinion and all the time it mutters in our mind. Through awareness we learn not to go against the ego but at the same time we ignore it… until we get to a point where it is merely a faint voice in the distance.

Remember that you are not the ego. This is a good start to stop believing whatever it says to you.

With love,

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