The energy of the blue-green jewel that is our Earth is shifting rapidly and Cosmic Energies that are working with us for eons through various civilizations, now offer their guidance and assistance in a deeper level.

All the Cosmic Energies now help each one of us to awaken the highest qualities of our soul and live in harmony with the Earth and the Cosmos.

Animal Spirits are our personal teachers and guides.

They are here to help us evolve, to bring balance in our lives, to help us grow as humans and souls and overcome any obstacles that hinder us from living according to our authenticity and truth.

Every Animal Spirit has its own qualities that can help us work in specific areas of our lives.

Here are 4 facts that you probably didn’t know.

#1 As humans we have access to various Cosmic Frequencies that we can invite to our lives.

The Universe and Mother Earth offer us a plethora of energy resources – the only thing we need to do is to set our intent.

Animal Spirits are such Cosmic Frequencies which represent the highest qualities of the animal kingdom.

When these qualities affect our frequency, they can transform it.

If you are feeling grief, sadness or confusion, if you need guidance for a problem you are facing or you want to find a guru in your life, the proper Animal Spirit will present itself in your path.

#2 There are no random encounters with Animal Spirits.

If you see an Animal Spirit that immediately makes your heart flutter, it means that it is destined to work with you even if you don’t know why you need it in your life.

But your soul does know.

For quite some time it asks for help to regain its balance.

That’s why Animal Spirits possess great medicine power, comforting the soul and bringing clarity to the mind.

They clear your path so you can work with yourself and reveal the greatness and the possibilities hidden in your soul.

#3 You can receive help from more than one Animal Spirit.

Each one helps and guides you with different parts of your life.

Your soul knows the medicine needed and will spontaneously show you which one you have to work with.

One thing that all Animal Spirits teach you is flexibility to changes.

When an Animal Spirit finishes its work with you, you will know and then you might feel that you need to bring a different Cosmic Frequency to your life so you can continue your inner work.

While you are on Earth, your evolution as a human and as a soul is a great journey.

#4 The pure intent of an artist who creates an Animal Spirit (a paint, an ornament, a jewel, a talisman) is basically a sacred process that calls the frequency of a specific Animal Spirit to imbue each creation.

When someone wears an Animal Spirit Jewel or having it in a space, the Cosmic vibrations transform and bring the balance needed for the soul.

Also remember that Animal Spirits come to your life to help you deal with your darkest parts as well.

Do not be afraid, you are not alone in this journey.

You have all the help from your Cosmic Allies.


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